Thursday, July 20, 2006

Screw Driver

In the "I wish I'd thought of that" department, this graphic was submitted yesterday:

with this text: "many Elk Falls employees were observed wearing this sticker on their hardhats"

On a further note, CMAW EST (or Mr. President as he is known on Kingsway) Jan Noster showing up at Local 2300's union meeting last night and volunteered to answer some rather pointed questions about the direction our union is going. When asked by this erstwhile reporter whether or not affiliating with CMAW is good for our Local considering that it is the Allied Hydro Agreement that fills out our dance card, His Nibs responded with true presidential candor: "Well, Doc, ya know, that depends on what your definition of is is." After several hours of such good-natured banter the general consensus reveals we seem to be stuck in some weird limbo between the nearly moribund (but not legally dead) BCPC, the much ballyhooed but lately reviled CMAW and what is revealed as our next incarnation as automatons in CEP 3000.

I explained to CMAW 1995 Prez Randy Smith, who was also present at our meeting, and who did not appreciate some of the comments that are posted on this weblog and assumed I gleefully preview each and say "oh boy, here's a good one, let's put it on the blog" - that no, comments do not go through me, they are automatic and while I can remove them (and do admit to being biased), I do not censor comments or edit articles other than my own. I did give him a specific example of a comment that would be removed should it appear, but hope that the majority of our members will remember the oath they took upon joining our union: "to be charitable in judgement of our brother and sister members."

CEP VP Dave "King" Coles is an exception of course, and a deserving target for revulsion and satire as he has muddied the union waters, meddled in our affairs and divided our union for his personal aggrandizement and is as bad as McCarron for denying the members a voice.

fraternally, dave livingston, CMAW Local Unit 2300, elected warden BC Carpenters Local 2300 and member CEP Canadian Freelance Union


Anonymous said...

there is our money well spent send landslide smith to get invold in someone eles's loacal why does he not say out and work on his own membership, it is not like he has our total suport,one vote does give him a strong mandate... next time smith we will get you out.. oh noster you did not do any work for us what makes you think you will do any for us as the pres. of CMAW

Anonymous said...

oooops (local) dam spell check

Anonymous said...

well said dave.

Anonymous said...

Last meeting showed us the true nature of our BA ,PRESIDENT AND some other members in our local 2300.For Jan and Randy to be at our meeting was absolutely eye opening and informantive! Alot of information that was not given by our BA. We need to go forward and not backward. We also need to change our BA because he is hiding information from our members and has his own hidden agenda, right Paul!

T. Bone Jogger said...

... and that was written by Randy of course, he just misspells a few things to look like he's GOOD und STOWNED in the Cootenays - and it was not an eye opener meeting, more like an eye-closer meeting. zzzzzzjanyammmerrzzzzzrandyyammmerzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

hey t bone
Stay the fuck in the states where you belong. Fuck the international and hello canada!

Anonymous said...

YA t-Bone, we prefer being fucked over by canadains

Anonymous said...

You are all invited to Len's retirement party on August long weekend 4,5&6, it is a "pot luck"
so bring whatever you can, see you there!