Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Taking Back Our Union

As the assembly opened this morning, George Jalava went to the microphone and said "Brother Chair, I rise to a question of priviledge affecting the assembly."

Bill Duck as the chair recognized the member at the microphone. It was not without some serious shucking and jiving by the Chair and Haggarty but the following motion was read (several times actually):

"Brother Chair, I move that this assembly adjourn and that the Executive Board unanimously approve a Constitution which will in turn go to the entire membership for approval by a referendum vote prior to reconvening in April of 2007."

Other members attempted to make comments but Brother Duck admonished them that they were not recognized and asked for silence as the Chair and CEP usurpers attempted to evade the inevitable. A standing vote was called and by a majority vote of 53 to 45 it was decided to adjourn the assembly until a constitution was taken to the membership for a referendum vote.

This was truly democracy in action at its finest. The membership through the elected delegates took back our union to a rallying chant of "vote vote vote" reminiscent of when the lights went off on McCarron and a clear message was sent to King Coles that his undemocratic dictates were not going to fly with the Carpenters.

Haggarty was heard to call for the mics to be cut off and he made a cutting motion across his throat as he attempted to wrest control back to the CMAW/CEP pretenders to no avail. How like McCarron he appeared; he was unsuccessful as well in his blatant attempt to thwart democracy.

After the assembly left the meeting room, this question was asked: What is your reaction to observing union democracy at its finest?

"It's the first time I've felt we've had a union in 10 years." Steve Borho, delegate

"We will take our direction from the membership. They are the basis of union democracy." Paul Wilkinson, delegate

"Fu*k off, Doc" by Jan Noster, organizer

"Yahoo." Tony Heisterkamp, delegate


R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

gratultions to the dlgates that hd the guts to stand up to tyrany. Shame on the closet supporters who fear their masters.

Anonymous said...

What are you fuckers afraid of? Open debate, hearing reports and asking questions? You wasted my and my members' time, money and energy. For further comments, refer to Jan's comment.

Anonymous said...

Gary Murphy please come back,all is forgiven, we were wrong all along, Please bring McCarrons cheque,this cost me a lot of money.
He said you would deliver the check.

Love Brian

Anonymous said...

the debate would have been fine had there not been a set of new bylaws presented, that allowed extra convention seats for CEP delegates and weighted voting

Anonymous said...

nowhere in any free country does weighted voting not exist. BC gets more votes than PEI.What do you fear real democrocy?

Anonymous said...

we left the building trades over weighted voting remember Insulators get one vote with 150 members, BC Carps 1 vote with 7000 members.We wanted weighted voting.

Anonymous said...

All said and done....the boyz had NO BALLS!!!!!! to show up at the BCPCC....I wonder WHY??....PUSSIES!!!
Don't matter say your GOOD BYE'S now HAGGERTY and EMBREE.
Your days are done...and that's just to start with....right DAVIES!!

Anonymous said...

your fuckin dreaming

Anonymous said...

better exhale the bong smoke