Saturday, June 10, 2006

Roast or Toast? A Convention editorial

Resident officers have approximately two days to decide their legacy - heroes of the struggle for Canadian autonomy or King Coles' toadies who tried to transform our union into a cult of insufficient personalities. While time and tide may have kept the Council President away, there is no defensible excuse for the actions of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer when faced with a majority of elected delegates representing a majority of locals that showed up for the BCPC Convention prepared to engage the desperate few who tried to hang on to power by manipulating the Resolutions Committee. It became clear to even the Kingsway gang that the voices of the majority was gathered to democratically unseat the pompous pilots who have been at the helm during the disastrous flirtation with the industry sub-standard JV Screwdriver agreement, also known as the Pulp Fiction Survival Agreement. Haggarty's limp-wristed attempt to illegally cancel the convention at the 11th hour while delegates were already assembled in Vancouver is a new low in corporate unionism.

It remains to be seen whether the turfed Resident Officers will do the right thing, or continue to imitate the sleaziness of McCarron's International. I strongly suggest that the Resident Officers have their resignations handed in at the office by the end of shift on Monday, June 12.

If not, then their legacy may no longer reflect the long march to Canadian autonomy, but rather be characterized by featherbedding, favouritism, partisanship and ignominy.

signed dave livingston, carpenter delegate


Anonymous said...

Coup d'├ętat for democracy,If any of you can support a overthow of the democratically elected officers,I do not want to be in the same union as you. geez Doug, you sound like george bush telling Sadam Hussien to get out of town. Shame on you brothers

Terrence Morrow said...

Yes they were elected by us to start with.They were not crowned ,they were elected. We also have the right to unelect any officers who treat us with enough disdain to not include us, the rank and file in any decisions they make. There was plenty of time to get their side out and be heard. I was at convention .Where were they? Where were you? By not attending they sent me a message loud and clear.You don`t count,we dismiss you, you are too unimportant to be bothered with. I am posting this with my name and email address because I have nothing to ashamed about. Anyone with something to tell me can post it here or email me at I welcome all opinions good and bad because thats whats it all about.Democracy only works if different sides communicate. Not dictate or order. Terrence Morrow

Anonymous said...

Cudos to you brother Dave for your outstanding but true comments!!
Off with there heads is my bottom line.
The clock is ticking "kingsway" boyz,you better keep running away .....cause at least you are good at that.
What leaders don't show up at there own convention?????!!!

Anonymous said...

So 40 some members met and elected themselves a Prince and Princess.
"When the going gets weird the weird go shopping"

Anonymous said...

Well if you your deligate counted right it was more like 60 that voted on TAKING BACK THE UNION!!!
Since the "KINGSWAY BOYZ" and there supporters only had 40 themselves.....hence why they run run run.....just like forrest gump was good at.

Anonymous said...

makes you wonder why pat h. would cancel the bcpc convention

he didn't want to face the music?

or even with his math he knew he was screwed!

party on garth!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to be a delegate at both conventions. After seeing what had transpired at the CMAW
convention I couldn't participate in the BCPC convention as there was not one progressive,forward thinking
resolution that I read. Just a bunch of negative and divissive shit which I don't feel would help any of the people that I've ever worked with. Fuck Roberts Rules of order. The only people that need to know them are the LAZY B.A.'s who feel that with enough rules to hide behind They are sure to keep thier little kingdoms going. No carpenter I've ever talked to has any idea about Rules of Order,The precious little Constitution or any other tools that the non-working B.A.'s use in thier daily lives. You know most of them want to know what the fuck we pay you guys for. When the hell are we going to get away from our U.S.A. Master? Why don't we just send every lawyers' kid in B.C.through university and get on with the jobs we were charged with. On a construction job if your foreperson asks you to do something and you disobey him/her you more than likely end up kicking pebbles down the road. Why is it that the B.A.'s think they run this ship. Obviously they have too much time on thier hands to write pointless letters about stupid shit that has nothing to do with my job as a Carpenter and the rest of thier time spent on the phone plotting thier next moves. WHY DON'T YOU ALL FUCK OFF AND LET SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE ACTUAL WORKERS RUN THIS ORGANISATION SO WE CAN ALL GET ON WITH IT. You have wasted enough of my time and energy for this century. Why would I ever encourage anyone to join this organisation with this shit going on. GROW UP PEOPLE, this isn't some cheezy little comedy that you watch on your fucking T.V. this is actually real life and a lot of real lives you are fucking with. I don't know how you can sleep at night knowing that you are really fucking up but carry on for some little power play bullshit. And I don't believe for a second that the group that had the coup even knows what thier members want so how can they honestly represent them. My name is John Voykin and I'm ashamed of my union.

Anonymous said...

the resolutions were the same for both conventions so what is your point.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bro. Voykin, couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't like the resolutions Bro. Voykin why didn't you put some in instead of just whining about it.

d@ve said...

Actually Bro. Voykin, Roberts Rules are not the problem, they were compiled for folks like us, so we would have an equal voice with the powers that be and not be railroaded by those who command the gavel.
Respect for law is a basic characteristic of democratic government. This respect is clearly shown by a willingness to practice an orderly method of procedure in organizations so as to follow the will of the majority, to protect the rights of the minority, and to protect the interests of those absent.

The use of parliamentary procedure in itself, however, does not insure that these ideals will be met. Everyone involved with an organization must also work to create an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and shared purpose.