Monday, May 15, 2006

PPWC letter to Dave Coles, CEP

The Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada
Box 370, 1616 Chaplin Street, Crofton, British Columbia V0R 1R0
Phone: (250) 246-9272 Fax: (250) 246-1290

May 8th, 2006

Dave Coles, Vice President
CEP Western Region
540-1199 W. Pender
Vancouver, BC V6E 2R1

Dear Brother Coles;

PPWC Local #2 Executive and Membership are absolutely in shock and awe that you and some of your supporters would stoop so low and undermine both CEP and PPWC Labour Agreements. In your quest to grow your membership you formed CEP Local #470 and signed on to a much inferior contract. The Catalyst Corp. who we work for plans on using Mill Maintenance Contractor JV Drivers (Local #470) for most of their maintenance and construction needs. Although JVD has not reached that potential yet and we hope they never do, you have set the stage. What you have in fact done, is add one more possibly very large sector of the Pulp & Paper Industry workforce with what you call a Survival Agreement. By watering down another agreement, the standards of living we have worked so hard to achieve will face tremendous pressure at our next set of negotiations.

Whether you agree or not, our opinion is that there are many other options to explore in the industry to get cost out. Erosion of our Wages and Benefits are not necessary and will not make or break this industry. Perhaps you should spend more time promoting all Unions, this is called Solidarity. You should be focusing on forest practices in BC that is where our future is. Oh yes and so much for supporting full time stable employment in the various communities that we live in.

Lloyd Kelly, President
P.P.W.C. Local #2


Via Fax:
All CEP Locals & National
All PPWC Locals & National

Via E-mail: PPWC Local #2 Executive


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Can you say sour grapes?

Anonymous said...

sour grapes, that must be the light snack in the pulp agreement

Anonymous said...

#305, 2806 Kingsway
Vancouver, B.C. VsR 5T5
Telephone: 604 437 -047 1
Facsirnile: 604 437 -ttl}
Email: info@bccarpcntersunion,com
May 12,2006
Sent by fax
To the Neqotiating Committee
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Pleasef inde ncloseda requesftr om T ony H eisterkamrp re questing
enablinfgo ra TerasenP ipelinPe umps tation.
As you know,t he ratesf or Industriaals of February1 ,2 006a re:
Len Embree
Bill Duck
Pat Haggarty
Tony Heisterkamp
George Jalava
Mike Lang
Ken Lippett
Paul Nedelec
CharleSs caling
RandyS mith
John Starkey
EugeniZo anotto
BrianZ drilic
(other metro areas)
(lowerm ainlandm etro)
$33.03 +
$28.72 +
.90 + 12%
99 + 12o/o =
.7 5 + 12o/o
.7 5 + 12o/o
$JJ.UJ +
$28.72 +
ce2 4 7
$36 99
Industria(ln om etro)
Foreman $33.03 +
Journeyperson $28.72 +
In the absenceo f BrotherE mbreew ho has considerablym ore knowledge
of what constructionr atesf or this work shouldb e, I ask you for your
opinions as to whether the request for a rate of $22.62 + $25.00 daily
travel is adeouate?

Anonymous said...

local 1346 sellouts Tony enabling pumping stations for 22$ and then he has the gall to complain about driver.

Anonymous said...

10 bucks an hour off the rate, enabling, Hey paul what did you say?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tony should have got Dave Coles to negotiate for him on this terasen deal. $22 per hour for a pipeline compressor station, shame on you Tony Heisterkamp. You should change your last name to Heisterclac.

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