Saturday, May 20, 2006

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Not only does it suck there is more. This is a quote from frank Robertson in the News @ Nine. "The strike brought a understanding that says “the code clearly applies to all construction, maintenance and repair work that takes place on the mill site and based upon the 1994 LRB decision from Local 592, the work is ours to give away.’ The preceding quote is taken from a letter from CEP National Rep Dave Coles to Local 1133, dated August 17,2004. Ok, so the work is ours to give away or sell if you will, as long as the Code of Ethics language is followed." The Code of Ethics was not followed, the CLAC contractor was not held to the minimum pay required under the Code, and this allowed JV Driver to underbid the CMAW contractors. The irony of this is that when Canfor approched our sister local 603 across the river to do the same they refused and Canfor backed away. I would like to think that the protest that we here at Local 1133 had a little to do with that/


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Anonymous said...

"Code of Ethics" is like saying CLAC union but the defintion of oxy-moron is still Jan Noster!