Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CMAW Draft Constitution: article 9.2.1 errors

May 2, 2006
To The Executive Board
Re:CMAW Draft Constitution

Please advise me at once if you find any errors or omissions.

In Solidarity,
Pat Haggarty
Secretary Treasurer

well Pat, let's cut to the chase, looking at Section 9.2 Duties of Members of CMAW Executive Board we find Section 9.2.1 President and what a piece of work it is: The President of the Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers, as the principal executive officer, shall have full authority and responsibility to execute the policies and decisions of the Union as established under this Constitution. Should the President find that the policy of the Union has not been clearly formulated, a poll of the members of the Executive Board will be conducted, and the affirmative opinion of a majority of the Board shall have the force and effect of a decision reached in a meeting of the Construction, Maintenance and Allied Worker's Executive Board, and the results of the poll shall be entered into the minutes of the next meeting of the Board.

Pat, lets discuss that word poll as you are using it now. The President, or you as Secretary-Treasurer acting on behalf of the President, sends out a fax to the E-Board; you send this fax at 3:00 on a Friday; it says "If you agree that all contracts from this day forward shall be the CEP Pulp Fiction agreement please check the appropriate box, sign on the dotted line and fax it back within 24 hours. If you do not fax it back in 24 hours it is assumed that you agree with the motion. Have a good day, fight the fight, Pat."

Never mind that there is no discussion on the motion, to hell with Robert's rules of Order, nor any accurate minutes recorded as no one except you keeps the minutes and you only have to submit a laundry bill by the next meeting, which so far this year does not take place in spite of requests to honour the Constitutional requirements for E-Board meetings. And if a E-Board member wants his vote recorded in opposition, you merely respond that the concern is duly noted. No inclusion into the minutes.

Especially notable is the negative option part where you say if you do not respond it is assumed you agree. Remember Rogers Cable found out the hard way that negative option billing is illegal in Canada. And you want to bring it to our Union? I don't think so bucko, that is such a far cry from democracy that you have turned our union into a joke. Even Kenneth Lay of Enron did not succeed at that kind of crap and he may well die in prison if the Vegas bookies are even close with the odds. Speaking of Vegas odds, Lucky Luciano made sure that Dutch Shultz did not operate as you intend to.

When McCarron said at the last convention, ironically also in Vegas, that "This is not your fathers' union" even he had to go to convention to get carte blanche to give millions of workers dues monies to what ever presidential candidate would fly him around on Air Force One. Yet you want to use a negative response option to interpret our Constitution? What, nothing in it about stag parties or flights to Thailand, well hell, lets just fax out a negative option check box and viola' it's party time at Kingsway. Remember "Sonny" over at the former IWA? Good union man. Story has it he stashed away a cord or two of booze in the back room and now he's collecting empties for parking money. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and who ever concocted this draft constitution is as certifiable as Napoleon before he died of pox on the brain. I hear it was written by a couple of clac-addicts over at the CEP. It figures.

In an article in Forbes magazine titled Do As We Say? there is a quote that is quite telling, and it sums up what you and the interlopers from CEP who have assimilated CMAW have done: "The Carpenters are definitely a less democratic, participatory union than they were ten years ago, and they have fought hard to make it that way."

fraternally, dave livingston, it's my union and I'm taking it back, one post at a time, got comments? feel free.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the shenanigans these guys are up to. I for one will vote "NO" on any constitution that contains such crap!

Terrence Morrow said...

The way things are going will we get a vote?