Friday, May 12, 2006

CMAW Bulletin #2

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CEP 470 helps CMAW ink another agreement
CEP 470 recently helped CMAW secure work for Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast members with the JVD Mill Services agreement that is used at Catalyst Pulp and Paper mill operations.

CEP 470 was confident signing the JVD Mill Services agreement as CMAW already has a previous collective agreement with an associated company working in Prince George. The JV Driver Constructors Inc. agreement was signed by CMAW Past-President Brian Zdrilic in January 2005 but was also in partnership with the Pipefitters Union. The partnership with the pipefitters is a problem to both Driver and Catalyst who refuse to sign any more building trades type agreements. They want no connection to any building trades unions.

CMAW's goal at the Catalyst operations on the Island was to organize JVD Mill Services wall-to-wall, or all-employee, with no other building trades unions involved with the agreement. CMAW used CEP 470 as the only 'clean' vehicle available to reach that goal.

Members of CEP 470, who approved the agreement, are excited to be participating in an agreement that means well-paid, stable employment at the Catalyst mills with wage parity for carpenters. Carpenters form the leadership in CEP 470 on the Island and that local union is being used as another channel to achieve Canadian autonomy.

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Brian Zdrilic said...

In your bulletin you mention that as the President of CMAW i signed an agreement with JV DRIVERS. You are absoulelty correct. It was an agreement based on our present Millwright agreement which included Double Time on Sat.,Sun, travel time room & board. Wages would now be at $32.70 + 12% h.p. the same rate would apply to the Carps.Why did you undercut it?