Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CMAW Bulletin #1

click for full text: CMAW Bulletin #1 - May 1, 2006

Pulpmill agreement achieves parity with other trades
CMAW Members:
As a construction member in one of our BC Local Unions, you may have heard about an innovative new collective agreement for contracted work at the four Catalyst Pulp and Paper mills on Vancouver Island and at Powell River that guarantees more work for our members.

This five-year all-employee agreement between our CMAW partner union CEP Local 470 and JVD Mill Services Inc. is for all contracted work, for all trades, at the Catalyst operations in Powell River, Port Alberni, Elk Falls (Campbell River) and Crofton.

JVD Mill Services has signed an exclusive business arrangement with Catalyst to perform construction work normally contracted out in their mills on Vancouver Island. This new relationship between Catalyst and JVD flows from a Catalyst demand that contracting costs be reduced or some of its operations may close.


Anonymous said...

These guys can spin a story better than anything I've seen by McCarron and his thugs.

Anonymous said...

Well the canadian dollar is over $0.90 today there goes another pulpmill
maybe catalyst will phone dave coles to see if he can trim the rate a little
hey maybe we can all work one extra day per month for free
hey maybe we can eat our lunch while we work
hey maybe we can bring our own skillsaws and cords
hey maybe i can work for dave coles on his negotiating committee!

Anonymous said...

Hey how come all the posts are during the day on this forum, when real carpenters are working. I would hate to think that my B.A who has no time to process grievences, organize,reach out to the community etc,has nothing better to do than post anonymous notes about other B.As whom he does not like. Give your heads a shake

Anonymous said...

provincial council has been in negotiations for three years for our agreement and they don't send out one update.
CEP signs a ratbag clac agreement and they send us two mailouts in a week
something tells me they are in damage controll WTF?

Anonymous said...

what makes you think i'm a ba? i'm just a working stiff thats pissed about what is happening with the carpenters union.