Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CEP'd On

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"CMAW is currently a CEP affiliate. A new affiliation agreement is being negotiated that is expected to bring CMAW into full CEP membership this fall. This means their members will pay full per capita dues and will be governed by the CEP Constitution."


Anonymous said...

Will this affiliation be voted on by the membership or are you going to try your usual back door approach. As member dont count me in. I dont know who you think you are but you seem to be way ahead of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I undestand that it will be a divide and conqure deal, they will ask each local, on a local by local basis if they want to be part of this deal, if your local votes NO, then cmaw/cep has your contactors and your collective agreements and you will be left with an empty bag, smells like a raid to me!

Anonymous said...

When you're fighting the big international unions you need strength and resources. CEP is big enough to provide this for us, but not one of the large monster unions that swallows you up and forgets who you are. Time to move forward.