Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CEP = circular error probable

NASA Acronyms - C
CEP = circular error probable

Coles Labour Association Canada

The CMAW Bulletin #2 arrived yesterday and I see we have a new executive. The President is Bob Hughf, CEP; Secretary-Tresurer Pat Haggarty, Carpenters; First Vice-President Bill Duck, Carpenters; Recording Secretary Mike Fenton, CEP. The first CMAW convention is set for the first week of June.

So how did a CEP executive become the President of CMAW? No CMAW Constitution, no CMAW Convention, no CMAW election, yet the interim CMAW President, a millwright, gets turfed by nefarious means and surprise!! some CEP suit named Bob Hughf is now running the show. CEP seems to have hijacked the BC Carpenters Union vote for Canadian Autonomy and the creation of CMAW and made us a sub-Clac Labour Ready hiring hall.

The JVDriver *Pulp Fiction* Survival Agreement was designed to save the pulp mills on the backs of the workers. Double time was given away with a sub-standard agreement in order to put food on the table of the starving shareholders of Catalyst ne: Norske. Now with the rise of the Canadian dollar all that savings is gone due to the global economy that everyone except Dave Coles is aware of. Now with our dollar heading towards par with the greenback, what's next, Coles? Have you got the next agreement ready, the one where time and a half becomes three-quarter time at 22 days straight. Or the hiring hall system that Martyn Piper tried to set up for the UBCJA in Alberta where members bid cash money for a dispatch? Hell, you did what even the Grinch could not do, you removed Christmas as a holiday. Nice work, take a bow and kindly resign now and take that suit Hughf with you.

signed, dave livingston, fully autonomous and still holding control of my bargaining rights, here in the Kootenays at Local 2300


Anonymous said...

you have already lost your barginning rights

d@ve said...

According to Josh Coles we still control our rights; in this letter to a 2300 member he says local autonomy rules:

Autonomy means that if the majority of any membership group (a crew with a particular employer, for example) wish to vote to leave CMAW and go back to the International, you are certainly provided that right.
In Solidarity,
Josh Coles

as an additional irony, many of us here in the Kootenays work under the Allied Hydro Agreement, which was signed, back in the Wacky Bennett days, by the International