Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Message from Dave Coles

CEP West Newsletters - excerpt from the March 2006 newsletter:
A Message from Dave Coles

In addition we are branching into the construction sector, which is new for us. First, we negotiated an affiliation agreement with the BC Provincial Council of Carpenters which became the Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers (CMAW). Subsequently we formed CEP Local 470 which represents construction workers at JVD Mill Services.

In the past few weeks we have made several certification applications in BC and Alberta. We are both protecting our in-plant maintenance work for CEP members and creating an opportunity to have more CEP members perform other industrial capital work.

What is critical in our ability to successfully organize is input and support from you, our members. It is next to impossible to organize any workplace without inside contacts. We urge you to talk about our union with your friends and neighbours and when you find interest in CEP from someone at a non-union workplace please contact any of the region’s vice presidents.

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Anonymous said...

Why did Dave Coles change his message overnight?