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Forward Look Article - March

Forward Look Article - March 2006 - Tim Thompson - Viewpoint - Recording Secretary, Wage Delegate. Local 592, CEP. Port Alberni, B.C.
The whole JVD preferred contractor issue is an excellent example of this. Both our regional union reps and Catalyst worked together on bringing this about, but for the most part, the individual locals (including 592) were left out of the loop. Very little information was conveyed to us until they were in our mill.

There are a great number of concerns that our maintenance crews have over this whole thing, and rightly so. But as long as we continue to be diligent over enforcing the contracting our language in the Collective Agreement then we should see no more contracting out than we have in the past. We also need to be diligent in making sure that the company follows up in auditing JVD’s work, costs, and safety to make sure they live up to the claims it makes about itself as a company.

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Anonymous said...

The agreement with JVD mill services is a sellout for the BC Carpenters and the CEP Pulp Mills. Just look at the agreement:

Page 4

3.03 When practical prior to subcontracting the employer will discuss with the union the portion or portions of the project that the employer wishes to sub-contract and the sub-contractors to be hired to do such work.

WHEN PRACTICAL! so JVD mill services can subcontract any and all work they so choose to whomever the choose ( clac, non-union) and the union can't do anything about it.

so much for the cep code of ethics.

so much for the in house contracting out committee they won't be needed anymore.

so much for the cep constitution.

so much for the cep negotiations

so much for the cep wage caucus.

It looks like from now on Dave Coles will negotiate all of the agreements behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave: What happened your philosophy of no yellow dog agreements in our mills?