Friday, April 14, 2006

CMAW weblog comments - keep it civil

Comments are enabled on this weblog, you may post anonymously if you must, but please keep the comments civil, no need to be lewd - just be glad there is a venue for saying your piece. I have been critized for letting some of the comments remain, but since we have no other way to respond to changes in our union I have decided to let the comments continue to be posted. We have had our conventions cancelled, our newsletters are few and far between, stories have circulated about the marriage to CEP going south because of a pulp fiction survival agreement being pimped around the worksites and even rumours about a palace coup at CMAW; meanwhile the International pariahs continue to circle just outside the clearing. In that context feel free to post your thoughts and concerns and ask your questions, just exercise a bit of decorum.

I hear there will be a letter sent to all members in the next week or so addressing some of these issues; in the interim here are two new graphics:

larger image

larger image

even larger hi-res image

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