Thursday, April 27, 2006

CLAC Update: it sounds just like the Pulp Fiction agreement being pushed by the Coles Gang

read full article: Ironworkers reach deal to work at Horizon - By Sarah O'Donnell, The Edmonton Journal
The ironworkers also agreed to a schedule that will allow crews to work for 10 days straight, followed by four days off. Traditional schedules see tradespeople work five eight-hour days followed by two days off, or four 10-hour days followed by three off.

"It's always important for us that the workers who come to our site are committed to work," said Lynn Zeidler, vice-president of Horizon. "Having that agreement demonstrates the union's commitment to supply workers to the site."

Building trades council executive director Paul Walzack said the ironworkers' decision to sign will have a "negligible" impact on his group's ongoing fight against Horizon's terms.

"Should they see that it is to their advantage to pursue a specific piece of business, that's their option," Walzack said. "The view that the ironworkers have taken is certainly not the view of a majority of the building trades affiliates."

Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan, whose membership includes southern Alberta ironworkers, said he was disappointed and surprised by the decision.

"There's a very good reason why the majority of building trades unions have made protecting double-time their hill to die on," McGowan said.

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